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Research hound joins top dogs

February 2, 2003 - Gov. Mitt Romney's hand-picked Republican Party chairman is moving quickly to install his team - turning first to the core of Romney's political operation.

Darrell Crate, the new GOP chairman, last week asked longtime Republican opposition research hound Dominick Ianno to serve as executive director of the party. Ianno is already working in the job but won't be officially in place until the GOP executive board votes him in later this month.

The executive director's job is often thankless, dealing with the inner workings of a bizarre group brimming with internal turmoil, but Ianno has a leg up - he learned from the masters. Under the schooling of former Executive Director John Brockelman and longtime gubernatorial adviser Rob Gray, Ianno will know when to keep it light - and when to go for the throat.

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