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October 4, 2002 - While some businesspeople look for better times ahead, these young professionals are doing great work now. Meet the best and brightest of Boston's business community.

Robert Gray
Position: President
Company: Gray Media

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, Middlebury College

Robert Gray's political history got its start in humble volunteer work. In 1990, he offered his services as an adviser free to the Weld campaign.

"Weld came from behind to win in the primary and then he hired me to work on the general election against Silber. If he lost, maybe I wouldn't be doing this today," Gray now says.

But Weld did win, and Gray went on to serve governors Weld and Cellucci as press secretary and also as Cellucci's campaign manager.

But it was the presidential campaign trail where Gray earned his crisis management stripes.

Gray was tapped to manage then-Gov. George W. Bush's campaign in Maine. It was business as usual--until news broke days before the election that Bush had a drunken driving violation on record.

Gray's office was first to field the calls on the story.

Since then, he has been tapped by Bush to help manage the Florida vote recount and by the Republican National Committee to be a member of its 72-Hour Task Force.

Gray is also a board member of MassDevelopment, a senior adviser to Mitt Romney's gubernatorial campaign and president of his own public relations and political consulting firm, Gray Media.

The work he does is important to him, he says, "because I enjoy it, but also because it makes an impact."

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Rob Gray
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