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August 18, 2014

““What’s interesting to me is what’s not in the ad.” That’s one of the top GOP strategists in the state, Rob Gray. “He never mentions that he’s state treasurer, what he’s done as state treasurer…””

Wall Street Journal
Febuary 7, 2013

"Scott Brown was the ace in the hole," said Rob Gray, a Republican strategist not currently working with any of the potential candidates.

New York Times
December 22, 2012

Another consideration is that after the last election, some Republican money may have dried up. ''The Republican money guys are dead tired and don't want another race,'' said Rob Gray, a Republican strategist. Donors were drained, he said, by the $78 million Brown-Warren race, the most expensive in the country, and by Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, neither of which yielded much return on the investment.

Boston Herald
February 7, 2013

'It makes it tougher for him to run for governor, being a commentator on a conservative news network that's not all that popular beyond Republicans in Massachusetts,' said Republican consultant Rob Gray.

New York Times
March 24, 2012

“Romney was the young up-and-comer in ’94 who thought that the aging champ had lost his edge and was then surprised to get knocked out,” said Rob Gray, a Republican strategist who advised Mr. Romney in his 2002 race for governor. “That certainly caused him to reassess how any future campaign should be built.”

Rob Gray quoted in the Boston Globe
October 24, 2011

"I think four years later he's less connected to Massachusetts," said Rob Gray, a Massachusetts-based Republican consultant who was a senior adviser to Romney's 2002 gubernatorial race but worked for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign in 2008. "You get the out-of-sight, out-of-mind factor. The last time around, he'd just been the governor, so your local fund-raising network tends to be a little more robust."

Rob Gray quoted in ABC news
October 10, 2011

Rob Gray comments on the fundraising of both Senator Brown and his challengers. Read Here

Rob Gray on WCVB's "On the Record"
June 18, 2011

Rob Gray, discusses President Barack Obama's job performance, and the recent GOP primary debate. Watch Here


Charlie Baker raises $2.3 million
January 6, 2010

Rob Gray, Baker's chief strategist, tells the Globe the former Harvard Pilgrim Health Care CEO "blew away" the campaign's fundraising benchmarks.

Joe Biden is a run-of-mill mate
August 26, 2008

For the past few weeks I've worried that Barack Obama would surprise us by picking an exciting, break-the-mold type of running mate who reinforced his outsider persona or a Southerner who changed the electoral map. In Joe Biden, he did neither, which gives me and other Republicans some relief.

Casino Vote is a Blow to Labor
March 24, 2008

Rob Gray, a Republican consultant who advised several GOP governors, sees the casino vote as another example of the AFL-CIO's declining power, pointing to the Democratic Party's weak showing in several recent gubernatorial elections (though not in 2006), its failure to advance a ballot initiative to give workers paid family leave, and its inability to win the legalization of slot machines at racetracks.

Former adviser to Romney joins McCain effort
January 20, 2007

Rob Gray, a Boston-based GOP consultant and former senior political adviser to Mitt Romney, will join the presidential campaign of Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona and a Romney rival.

McCain hires Boston political operative for exploratory committee
January 19, 2007

Rob Gray, a longtime GOP operative who helmed former Gov. Mitt Romney’s rise to power in the Bay State, has joined the presidential exploratory team for Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Weld taps old pals to help in N.Y. gov bid
September 15, 2005

Beacon Hill political consulting and public relations firm Gray Media has been tapped by former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld for his surprising tilt at the gubernatorial race in New York.

Will 9/11 Commission Report Make America Safer?
Aired July 21, 2004 - 16:30 ET

The independent commission investigating the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington will release its final report tomorrow. But Republicans are not waiting. They are invoking Watergate while Democrats shout partisanship over the leak of a nine- month-old investigation of former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger...

In the CROSSFIRE to debate all this, Republican strategist Rob Gray and Democratic strategist Doug Hattaway.
Full transcript

October 4, 2002

While some businesspeople look for better times ahead, these young professionals are doing great work now. Meet the best and brightest of Boston's business community.

Robert Gray
Company: Gray Media

Saying No To White House Cellucci Aide Sticks To Family
February 8, 2001

While every Republican who ever stuffed an envelope now tries to land a job with the Bush administration, one of the most prominent GOP operatives, who ran the Bush campaign in Massachusetts, is turning down a top White House position. Still smarting after long days that turned into weeks away from his family during the Florida recount, Rob Gray decided he had to "get over" his addiction to politics. more...

In Massachusetts, Governor Steps Aside for a Juggernaut
March 20, 2002

Pummeled by dismal poll ratings, Acting Gov. Jane M. Swift abruptly dropped out of the Massachusetts governor's race today, rattling the politics of one of the nation's most politically obsessed states.

Tearful and shaken, the normally steel-nerved Ms. Swift made her announcement at the Statehouse this afternoon, just hours before Mitt Romney, who became popular as president of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics organizing committee, announced his plans to challenge Ms. Swift for the Republican nomination….

"To a certain extent I think it was the death of a thousand cuts -- not any one particular thing," said Rob Gray, a Republican strategist, who added that Ms. Swift was also hampered by a less-than-telegenic persona. "For her, before Romney it was an uphill climb for Swift to win. Once Romney came in, it became like climbing Mount Everest without oxygen for her."

Romney's Bay State Win Boosts National Image
November 10, 2002

Mitt Romney's Olympic credentials and close ties to President Bush make him a national star in the Republican Party - and a potential thorn in the side of a Massachusetts Democrat looking to take Bush's job…

GOP sources say White House adviser Karl Rove was well aware of Romney's potential in 2004, and it helped persuade him to send Bush to Massachusetts…

Romney adviser Rob Gray, who has ties to Rove and other White House officials, predicted Romney would be in "great demand" as a fund-raiser and GOP surrogate because of his reputation from the Olympics. "He's also a Republican governor from a heavily Democratic state and that has quite an appeal in a national sense," Gray said.

Stakes High In Final Debate; Undecided Voters Key To Gov Race
October 28, 2002

Mitt Romney and Shannon P. O'Brien are cramming for their biggest and riskiest night of the governor's race - tomorrow's final, high-intensity TV debate that could swing key undecided voters…

"There's no question it's going to have the most viewers, because it's the final debate," Romney adviser Rob Gray said.

The format - Romney and O'Brien sitting at a table on either side of Russert - will be much different than earlier debates, which included panels of questioners….

But Romney prefers not to stick too closely to mock debates, aides said. He is getting input from his top advisers, including consultant Mike Murphy, Gray, campaign manager Ben Coes, adviser Cindy Gillespie, and campaign aide Beth Myers...

Advisers for both candidates also said it's important to give the candidates some rest time before the TV tune-up. Former Gov. Paul Cellucci used to go to take in a movie matinee before all of his TV debates, according to Gray.

GOP Keeps Watch On Kerry for 2004
June 20, 2001

Senator John F. Kerry will have more than his 2002 reelection campaign in mind this week when he visits San Francisco, Seattle, and Iowa, host of the early presidential caucus...

It is a long way, 2 1/2 years, before voters start casting ballots in the presidential primaries. But Bush's strategists already are at work courting key constituencies with 2004 in mind, and in Democratic ranks there is an acknowledgment that candidates need to raise money, and their national name recognition, as soon as possible….

For a Democrat from a state that Bush has virtually ignored, Kerry would find an unusual number of familiar names on the president's team if he decided to run. Stevens and Russell J. Schriefer, two top media advisers to the Bush campaign, worked for Weld in 1996. Rob Gray, political adviser to former governor Paul Cellucci, was a regional director for the Bush campaign and still has close ties to the White House. Bob Marsh, a former Massachusetts legislator, is now a special assistant to Bush. And there's Card.

"They know him cold," said Ron Kaufman, who, as the Massachusetts committee member to the Republican National Committee and a Bush ally, would be another familiar face. "They know his warts. They know his blemishes. They know how he's going to react."

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